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Who we are

We are a group of local experts, who share a deep love for Italian culture and history, with a particular passion for its unparalleled food and wine traditions.

Nothing brings us more joy than introducing visitors to the unique experience, that every region of our diverse country has to offer, and to do so, we’ve each dedicated our own expertise to Amphora Club’s rigorous product selection process.

Through leading tours and curating boxes, we strive to bring the best of Italy directly to you.


Our mission

It’s our honor as Italians to safeguard and celebrate the flavors of our beloved country. 

Italy’s heritage of distinguished flavors has long captivated the world. Through our diligent scouting process, we remember and spread Italy’s culinary bounty, ranging from the widely renowned to the deeply local, hidden treasures known only to those of us born and raised here. This allows us to unite Italophiles globally around our common passion for Italy’s countless cultural marvels.

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