Mamma Mia

$199.00 for each 3 months

A selection of Amphora’s favorite products, representing the very best of our country.
You’ll receive wines from the cellars of Franciacorta in Lombardy, as well as Tuscan and Umbrian vineyards.
Taste them with the people you love, or keep them to give you a moment of real Italian culture.

Mantì Lago di Iseo


A 100% Chardonnay wine, made in cellars with a long historical tradition. It features abundant foam and fairly numerous and lively bubbles, with a fragrant scent evocative of bread crust, accompanied by a fresh and sour taste. The Brut type rests for a minimum of 18 months in the cellar where the temperature is constantly monitored. It comes out no earlier than 24-30 months.

Villa Mongalli

Sagrantino di Montefalco

A wine characterized by its intense ruby ​​red color and garnet reflections, with a fruity perfume containing hints of spices and vanilla, harmonious and full-bodied. It comes from a particular vineyard named "Vigna Della Cima" located atop a hill about 400 meters above sea level, adjacent to the cellar it’s made in. It goes perfectly with red meat, game, and cheese.


Super Tuscan zona Sassicaia

From grapes consisting of Sangiovese, Merlot, and Alicante, carefully selected in the vineyard based on each season’s quality. At the sensory level, it is an intense ruby ​​red wine with fruity aromas of blackberry and blueberry complemented by a pleasant, enveloping vanilla sensation. In the glass, the aromas of tobacco, chocolate and coffee combine into a persistent and complex character.